Welcome to BPOMart Sign up process
Free Registration and earn More
CAUTION: Do not pay anything for creating your login in BPO Mart. It is absolutely free of cost.
Check List of Required information and documents to signing up to BPO Mart:-
  • Your personal email Address
  • Your personal mobile Number
  • Your postal address for communication
  • Your Bank Account
    • Scanned copy of your Bank Pass Book (OR) Cheque leaf in JPG format
    • Bank Name
    • Branch Name of your Bank
    • Full Account number (9-15 digits)
    • IFSC code number which will be used for NEFT Payment of your earnings
  • Your PAN number
Each step will direct you on how to get activated in BPOMart. This is so easy. Please try.
Step 1 :-
BPOMart always recommends users to have a look at its “FAQ”, “About BPOMart” and “Unique Concepts” available in home page, before starting Sign up process
Step 2 :-
Check your Typing Speed: Since this is a Data Entry work, typing will be the backbone of process. Hence users were recommended to cross verify their own typing speed with the tool provided. For Better understanding, Typing speed has mapped with the earnings. Please visit “FAQ” - the chart [typing speed (wpm) Vs the approximate earnings] is provided.

If you feel your typing speed is too low to earn, please continue typing practice and enter into BPOMart at anytime
Step 3 :-
Once you are OK with your typing speed and ready to proceed next step, please continue with BPOMart online training material which would run 8 minutes approximately. You can ‘Pause’ the video file (and take notes on necessary) at any instance for your better understanding.
Step 4 :-
Next will be the “Online Evaluation” to rate yourself about the learning you had with Step 3. A set of 25 Questions will be assigned. You must score minimum 20 out of 25 (i.e. 80%) to continue next step
Step 5 :-
On successful completion of Step 4, you have been selected to work in BPOMart. To start work, you must submit your personal details including bank account number (Central Bank Of India is preferred) to update / retrieve your performance in the system. (Please note User ID will be auto generated and it will be given to you through verification email)
Step 6 :-
On successful completion of Step 5, BPOMart will send activation email to the email id registered. User name and password will be delivered in this email
Step 7 :-
You can start working.