Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What are the procedures in getting access to work in BPOMart? Top

User must undergo few criteria followed at BPOMart to examine whether the applied user is fit enough to work in BPOMart. Following are the criteria

  • Online typing tool to check user typing speed status
  • Online learning with BPOMart’s training tool
  • Online training assessment
  • Sign up with email verification
  • Accepting BPOMart’s “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy”
  • Submitting Bank details for payment release.

You can see the detailed steps displayed when you click “Sign up”


  1. How should I understand my payment calculation?Top

BPOMart doesn’t give any false statement like “anybody can earn 40 thousand or 50 thousand a month without doing any hard work” etc…

It is very easy to understand BPOMart genuine payment calculation. BPOMart is providing 0.0040 paise per character (or) 40 paise for 100 correct characters. Following table illustrates how a user gets benefitted with his / her typing speed.

User Typing speed (wpm) char/min chars/Hr Earnings / Hr Earnings / 4Hrs Earnings / 22 Days Quality dip 2% and Image loading delay 5% Actual Benefits (Tentative)
25 125 7500 30 120 2640 132 2508
30 150 9000 36 144 3168 158 3010
35 175 10500 42 168 3696 185 3511
40 200 12000 48 192 4224 211 4013
45 225 13500 54 216 4752 238 4514
50 250 15000 60 240 5280 264 5016
55 275 16500 66 264 5808 290 5518
60 300 18000 72 288 6336 317 6019


  1. What should I do if I got failed in typing certification?Top

The minimum typing speed for any type of online data entry work will be 35 words per minute. BPOMart has enough confidence with its work style so that anybody can improve their speed from 25 words per minute to higher levels by means of dedicated working online data entry with BPOMart.

If user gets failed in typing certification, he/she can do numerous typing tests with different content loaded every time.

BPOMart allows users even they have not passed the typing test. This tool is to provide upfront advice to users to understand the approximate earnings can be availed based on their own typing speed. It can be understand better through the chart provided in previous question.


  1. What should I do if I got failed in online training certification?Top

BPOMart believes that user may not get failed in training certification since the information provided through online training tutorial is very easy to read and understand. It is always helpful to make some notes during learning. Still if user gets failed in online training certification, then user can go through the training material provided again and attend retest.


  1. Is there any minimum target to be reached on a day?Top

BPOMart highly recommends users to work at least 4 hours per day to achieve reasonable benefits. BPOMart allows users to work as per their own planning and commitment. A user can work 1 hr (or) 2hrs (or) 3 hrs (or) 4hrs (or) 5hrs (or) 6hrs and so on per day. User should plan the average work timing would be 4 hours per day.

Understand the difference between “Working Hours Vs Productive Hours“

For Working Hours:

Sitting 4 hours in system and doing a casual work by means of watching television, concentrating music, speaking in mobile phones, focusing on and off kitchen tasks etc. will not yield better (or) expected results.

For Productive Hours:

Anybody can plan their leisure hours to have a dedicate time to spent for earning in BPOMart. User should concentrate fully on the work allocated and doing it with the same speed and accuracy for the whole working hours. It should be better to work around 4.5 hrs by means of factoring unexpected breaks could be availed.


  1. Whom do I contact in case of queries? Either by email or phone?Top

Email is the most recommended medium to approach BPOMart to serve on user queries as well as to record the occurrences to update the entire team of BPOMart.
For enroll, payment & general queries please contact
For technical support on work please contact

However, if users wants to speak someone in BPOMart for their queries (which seems to be sensitive, emergency or other reasons), please contact our landline number.
HR: 7094474466


  1. How do I know the volume availability?Top

Usual volume loading trend in BPOMart would be between Tuesdays to Saturdays. Sunday and Monday will be optional, based on backlog volume in BPOMart.

Unexpected completion or loading more volume will be informed through “Scrolling message”


  1. Will volume available for 24/7?Top

Volume will be available for 24/7 on Tuesdays to Saturdays. Sunday and Monday will be optional, based on backlog volume in BPOMart.

Unexpected completion or loading more volume will be informed through “Scrolling message”


  1. Do I have any risk in giving my Bank account number?Top

BPOMart is a trusted online job site and it guarantees its users about the confidentiality maintained about the users details collected.

BPOMart collects information through secured https:// license page.


  1. Is there any specific bank account to be maintained?Top

BPOMart recommends Indian Overseas Bank and Central Bank of India.


  1. What are the different types of reports available in BPOMart?Top

BPOMart proudly releases the following reports that no job sites is providing.

Earnings Report (to check the daily earnings), Accuracy Report (to check the daily Quality %) and Mismatch Report (to check and analyse the mismatches reported)

Detailed information has been given in online training tool.


  1. How do I check my earning status? Will it be updated on daily basis?Top

BPOMart offers users Earnings Report in which user can view his / her earnings upfront based on their performance delivered.

It is very easy to check one’s earnings in the report provided. Just select the date you wish to view the information and click search.

Yes. Earning report will be updated on daily basis between 12:00 am to 12:00am on a scheduled basis. BPOMart recommend users to view the complete updated report up to “a day before” they worked. That is, 1st Jun report can be viewed fully on 3rd Jun (since 2nd Jun report could have been updated partially


  1. What will BPOMart do if I am not performing well up to its expectation?Top

Well, BPOMart measures individual performance and keep tracking user records. On observance of continuous decrease in performance, user will be informed about his / her status formally through the personal email id registered with BPOMart. Second attempt will be a formal telephonic discussion will be held to understand user on his / her queries if any. (* It is not applicable to the users who were not performing right from the beginning). Third attempt will be BPOMart stops encouraging such users. The last option for BPOMart would be with held user’s earnings or terminating account. However BPOMart will not choose the final option that easy..


  1. How to understand in processing “Radio button” fields?Top

Radio button fields are nothing but we need to select the option based on the right value present in the image

  • “Submit” button will not be here
  • Once after selecting the correct field value, “ENTER” will directs you to the next field
  • ‘F4’ is the other hot key for submitting a field
  • If either ‘ENTER’ or ‘F4’ is not working, please ensure whether you are using the browser ‘Mozilla Firefox’ having version 8+


  1. Payment TermsTop

The payment will be made on monthly basis. The payment calculation date is 27th of last month to 26th of current month.

Payment will be done on or before 15th of every month which falls after the 26th of the month in which the work was done.

Payment will be released after Rs.250/- and above is accumulated.

If the earning is less than Rs.250/- the amount will be released in the subsequent month when payment is processed.

  • If a person joins on 15th of Aug, he/she will receive the payment from 15th of Aug to 26th of Aug and the payment will be done on by 15th Sep.
  • If a person joins on 27th of Aug, he/she will receive the payment from 27th of Aug to 26th of Sep and the payment will be done by 15th Oct.
  • If a person joins on 10th Aug and the payment cycle is from 10th to 26th of Aug, his /her payment is due by 15th Sep, but if the earning is less than Rs.250/- they have to work to earn atleast Rs.250/- in the coming days so that the money will be released in the coming months. That is if 250 Accumulates in Sep pay cycle they get paid by Oct 15th , if 250 accumulates in Oct pay cycle they will be paid by Nov 15th and so on.